True nature of an undiscovered world.

As usual i met my friend Massimo in a bar for coffee to plan our route for trekking. We decided as it was such a beautiful day we would check out the lagoons and beach at “Is Solinas” in Sardegna south. What a surprise it was from beginning to end, with very interesting scenery and an insight of the past.

Is Solinas,lagoon,laguna,sardegna
The lagoon was used to farm fish back in the days of the mining era, when this would have been a thriving community. Now a haven for wildlife.
is solinas,lagoon,laguna,sardegna
There are many small canals just like this one that let the water flow in and out of the lagoon, so the water stayed fresh.
My friend Massimo enjoying the view on one of the bridges crossing the canal.
is solinas,lagoon,laguna,sardegna
This is where the trail begins between the sea and the lagoon. it’s over 4 klms of a very beautiful trail and a haven for wildlife.
is solinas,lagoon,laguna,sardegna
This canal looks like a river as it winds its way through the reeds.
is solinas,lagoon,laguna,sardegna
The water flows freely into the canal giving it life.
is solinas, beach, seashells,nature
Such a natural beach…
is solinas,beach,seashells,nature
Beach combing along the beach is fun. Just look at the amount of shells there are…
is solinas,beach,seashells,nature.
Where else can you find crystal clear sea like this.
is solinas,lagoon,laguna,nature
Now this is interesting. An old abandoned eel trap..
is solinas,lagoon,laguna,nature,birds
A haven for wildlife, with many such birds feeding in the shallows of the lagoon.
is solinas,beach,seashells,nature
The beach at Is Solinas is 4 klm long and as you can see we are the only ones on the beach even though it was 25°.

Is Solinas is just 45 minutes from the trekking cottage apartment, and well worth a visit, whether its to lay on a sun drenched beach, trekking, or mountain biking. For trekking and mountain biking there is many klms of trails you can follow of level ground. If you are really up to it you can even reach Porto Pino by following the coastal path, where you will find stunning views and rocky coves. For the less adventurous, you will find two bars along the beach.

is solinas, porto pino,trekking
The walk from Is Solinas to Porto Pino you will find stunning views.

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