Three things that are important to a successful family holiday.

There are three main things which are important to a successful family holiday in the sun.

Good accommodation, sea view, swimming pool, then you will be happy as there is something for everyone.

For example good accommodation is important for all the family but more so the wife as a woman will want to relax when on holiday to wind down from the stress of hum drum life with the kids at home and all the chores that go with it. So a nice bedroom with air conditioning and sea view is very welcome, nice bathroom with a shower, but most of all a well equipped kitchen, so the husband can cook some nice dishes while she relaxes with a glass of wine.

Sea view is a nice way to chill out when the kids are tucked up in there bedroom while your husband gives you a nice foot massage while you are sat on the patio with your glass of wine.

Swimming pool is the answer to keep the kids occupied while your husband puts even more sun cream on your back, shoulders, and legs then relax with a glass of wine.

This are what holidays are for right?

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