Sailing boat excursion, Calasetta, Sardegna.

The boat is 52ft / 15 mts, and will take up to 12 person’s. It’s based at Calasetta on the southwest coast of Sardinia.

Leaving Calasetta around 10am to do a tour of the island San Pietro or Pan di Zucchero This will depend on you or the wind direction and sea state. After leaving Calasetta the boat will motor until we pick up the breeze, then set sail with all hand’s on deck. The boat sails with little wind and can reach over 10 notts of speed with a stiff breeze, the ride is smooth and exciting. We will stop several times in quiet bays so you can swim or snorkel. Passing close to the cliffs if the sea is calm where you may be lucky to see one of the peregrine falcons that nest along this coast and are protected. Or very rarely a golden eagle. We may even be accompanied by dolphins, a regular thing these days. You will sea old mining remnants of the past, the Tuna factory at Carloforte which is still active today and famous for Tuna all over the world.

If the weather is bad then go inside..

Lunch time we will tuck into a calm bay and anchor, so you can swim while we prepare your aperitivo and lunch. This is optional and not included in the basic price. When your lunch is ready we will call you. Wine will always be flowing at lunchtime. After lunch a short nap then to head back along the coast, maybe stop once more for a quick dip and a beer.

Nice kitchen to prepare lunch.

The final ride back is always under sail so arrival times may very, but normally between 17.00 to 18.00 or even later if arranged.

If you don’t like salt then take a shower.

Thank you I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Here are some photos of what to expect.

Porto Flavia, Pan di zucchero, Sardegna
Porto Flavia on a trip to Pan di zucchero.
If it’s calm a swim in the sea caves of San Pietro is possible.
San Pietro island has a beautiful coastline.
Make sure you have your camera.
Time for a swim.
The colours are amazing.