Why do we need our own space sometimes.

I often ask myself why do i enjoy my own company so much? Because i do and i don’t if you get my meaning. When im with my friends eating and drinking together it is great and the day seems to short, we’ll it’s the same when i go for a ride into the mountains on my mountain bike, then stop to look at the view with my mind working overtime with thoughts of past, present and future, then only to find that nothing really gets resolved so remain thoughts for the next trip. There is one thought that often comes to mind Why do i like my own company, as i do like people although not as much as i like my dogs, maybe it’s because not many people like what i like. The solitude and being close to nature, stopping to take photos of flowers, animals, scenery, the smell of nature, even the aches and pains after a steep climb seem rewarding, even more rewarding to return home for a nice lunch or dinner and a few glasses of wine. It seems hard to believe that not many people like this but prefer the rat race or to drown their sorrows in the local pub every night? Maybe one day i will find someone who likes the same thing! A simple life without stress…..


4 thoughts on “Why do we need our own space sometimes.

    1. I dont have a problem with it for sure….That way you really get to do what you want..


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