As soon as we met I knew this was my destiny.

Trekking cottage apartment, Sardegna.

As soon as I met Milo I knew we were going to be mates.

Trekking has always been in my blood, now its my pastime, even as a child I was always out exploring the countryside where I used to live  ( Bristol.) I don’t think I ever was a normal child, because while other children played football or touch, I was out with my brother looking for bird nests or ponds to catch Newts & Tadpoles. Then when I was bigger i went fishing, I just can’t stay indoors, I need to be exploring.

So it was just a natural progression to go trekking, but the main reason is that it’s simple and free, all you need is a good set of boots and your done. Then you can trek where you like, but for me as I now live in Sardinia its mountains, beaches, or coastal paths…

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