Im abandoned and homelessness.

I have no home, i have no owner im abandoned but I’m not alone. I have many friends in the village San Benedetto v but no home as i was abandoned by my owner, he was a shepherd and for some reason did not need me anymore and dumped me in the mountains, i became hungry, i became ill, i was covered in ticks, even my flea bites became infected, i was desperate and kept wandering in hope to find a new owner who could give me love and a nice warm place to sleep. Then i found San Benedetto a very tiny village above Iglesias where it seems time stood still, where you find people who care, they are kind and give me food and im not alone, there are other dogs and cats in the village who are abandoned by their owners, we all get on well and there is food for everyone. Sometimes there are tourists who stay at the Trekking Cottage apartment and fortunately for me most are kind and love animals, they give me leftovers. One woman guest used to sit outside with us, she talked to us and gave us pasta dishes with fish or meat, she was so lovely and hoping she may return one day. But i am still without a real home, but i wont give up hope. The winter evenings are worst as nobody sits outside as it can get very cold and damp up here in the mountains, with my only protection from the rain and cold is to sleep under a car.

8 thoughts on “Im abandoned and homelessness.

    1. They will be waiting Sam, they were lucky today, as the new guests are vets and love animals.


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