They love to dress up for the festa.


San Benedetto has many festa’s but the festa of San Benedetto is the biggest event in the year. My guests are very happy to be staying while this is going on, where they will see the village transform into what it once was back in the mining days when the village of San Benedetto was a thriving village with a school, church, bakers, butchers, grocery, barber. Now the village is struggling to survive with only the grocery shop and church remaining, making the festa even more important. This is why its called sometimes the lost village of San Benedetto.

But slowly it is finding a new path with trekking and mountain biking becoming very popular, with many trails of the miners that still exist, passing through the biggest oak forests in Europe and passing through the longest cave in the world of San Giovanni at Domusnovas, and now there may be funding from the EU to put San Benedetto on the map for all to see. I have seen the sport grow and grow in this area with many people following the trails in organised groups or solo. So why dont you take a trip back in time.

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