The family holiday is so important.

The family holiday is so important, but you need to get it right..

Trekking cottage apartment, Sardegna.

When I was little, the family holiday was so important to me. It was something I enjoyed more than anything else in the world at the time. My parents always managed to find time for our great escape from the city, where we would enjoy one or two weeks by the sea together. They were such happy moments which I have and will cherish always. I carried this on with my own family in much the same way, bringing us all together in harmony. Now I get the same feeling seeing other families enjoying there moments together and help in anyway I can so they can return with nice memories of maybe there first time in Sardinia. It’s even more rewarding when they write a great review or return a year later. I have many guests returning year after year and have become friends, from many different countries with many…

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