The summers are long..

We have been very busy at the apartment this year, so not much time to write these days. However one must find time, so as not to be kicked into touch.

But its always the same story as guests arrive at more or less the hottest part of the day to find that nothing is open, even many bars are closed? But this is Sardinia, and it may be the most beautiful island in the Med, so why can’t they get it right in the way of a few small changes in habit. It seems most planes arrive around  11 or 12 pm so by the time they have done the airport bit which can take up to 2 hours in the peak season, followed by a lengthy que waiting at the car hire stands. Then maybe an hours drive to there location, making there arrival time between 15.00 and 16.00, with temps maybe in the high 30’s or even 40’s some days. Only to find out there are no restaurants open and even some bars closed in some more remote villages.

So always well advised to arrange your arrival time a bit later and stop in one of the bigger towns where you might find a supermarkets which are open all day, with maybe a snack bar inside, or ask the owner or manager of the rental to leave some things for you which you can pay for later on arrival. I ask all my guests if they would like me to buy something so they have food and water when they arrive, but most decline and wished they had. Most shops here will close around 13.00 and not open again until 17.00 to 17.30 while they sleep in the afternoon. I know they say when in Rome do as the Romans do and that’s fine once you are sorted. This is a problem mainly because of all the baggage restrictions which are now imposed by most airlines, so you can’t even take your provisions.

Here is another tip if you like air conditioning! use sparingly in your car and in the house or you will get very ill. It has just taken me 1 week to recover from an infection due to constantly getting hot and cold. And or staying the sea to long.


2 thoughts on “The summers are long..

    1. Thank you its been a very hot summer so far, and i have been very busy. But yes i am enjoying it.


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