There is a lot to discover when you walk the beaches of the sulcis.

The beaches of the Sulcis stretch from Teulada to Arbus on the southwest coast of Sardinia and made mainly of sand, which are full of surprises and so much to discover in this almost forgotten island in the Mediterranean. Also known as the beaches of Iglesias because Iglesias is the main town in the sulcis, which has a medieval past and much history dating back centuries. You will find small coves, long beaches, towns and villages as you walk the beaches and coast, passing also lagoons which now boasts some of the largest colonies of mating Flamingos in Europe, where you will find people picking cockles and net fishing in the traditional way. Lots of beaches you will find remains of the mining era or of the Tuna fisheries long past. There are also many Roman towers still intact and some Roman remains. A week would not be long enough to discover what’s there.

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