Time to spring clean.

At this time of year my apartment needs to be aired and cleaned, after being closed for several months, so this weekend it was off to the mountains to start this boring process of getting everything ship shape before the guest’s start arriving next week. When I walked in it felt cold and damp, so the first thing I done was to put on the wood burner which just needs a flick of a switch as it runs on tiny wood pellets that drip feed slowly into the flame below. I’m amazed how efficient this stove works and in 30 minutes was at 20°. Then I had a quick look around to see the damp situation, and to my surprise it was not to bad, just a small area in the bedroom I could see some signs of paint peeling off, this was quickly removed and repainted with a specific paint I use. Next I removed all the curtains, cushions, covers etc to take home to wash. Next I made a bracket so I can connect the tube from the air conditioning unit to the vent outside. This is the first time I have installed air conditioning in the apartment as I thought it would help in renting as many when enquiring ask for air con, but it won’t be used much as the place stays cool inside in the summer due to its 50cm walls, but its going to be there if needed. So that’s it for now, then I will return in a couple of days to refit the curtains and clean the place through

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