A beach a day / Calà Domestica.

Calà Domestica is the jewel of the Crown being named as the best beach in Iglesias and probably the best in Sardinia. This beach which is of soft sand set in the most picturesque setting one can imagine. It has two beaches, one which is bigger of the two with a bar etc, the second one you will need to walk through a small tunnel to reach. Both are protected from most winds so remains calm, but go careful if it blows straight in as it can be dangerous for children. There are some old mining ruins around and an old Roman tower making this place very interesting. There is a car park with a wooden walkway to the beach so suitable for wheelchairs. Calà Domestica is about 45 minutes drive from the Apartment and we’ll worth a visit. Just head for Buggerru then look for signs.

Cala Domestica, beach, Sardegna, travel
The jewel of the Crown. Well protected from the winds.
Calà domestica, beach, sardinia, travel
Tunnel that takes you to a small very protected beach.
Beach, Sardegna, travel
The small beach on the other side of the tunnel.

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