Always think before you act.

Think before you act, as there is always two sides to every story.

Booking your holiday or long weekend is not easy, with so many different choices these days, especially with cheap airlines like Ryanair & easyJet and travel on line booking agents like Airbnb or Home & Away. But before you take the plunge always have a good think exactly what do you want, plus how much is your budget for your holiday? So let’s say there are two of you and your budget is 2000€ for everything 1 week in July or August. Flights to Cagliari from London 500 € car hire 250€ luxury apartment with sea views and swimming pool 1000€ that leaves you just 250€ to spend, so no meals out that’s for sure. But you could rent a place inland, ok no sea view but who cares as probably you will still need a car to go to the beach. Ok let’s see.

An apartment inland you might pay 300€ a week so that leaves you with 950€ spending money, that’s quite a difference, so now not only can you eat out, you can also include a sailing boat excursions all day. Cost around 80€ each that’s 160€ that still leaves you 790€ for food, petrol, restaurants etc so maybe even two excursions. Anyway always have a good think for exactly what you want from your holiday and how you want to spend it. Ask if they do tour’s or act as a guide, you may find and i for one do not charge for this in the lower seasons, I have even cooked lunch or dinner for them all at no extra cost. It is important to get it right. Good luck.

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Its always best to think first.

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