Do the things you love to do! They said.

It wasn’t a hard decisions to move to Sardinia, because I now do the things I love to do.

I always enjoyed being outside, in fact I was hardly ever in, my hobbies always took me outside and close to nature. Now my time is spent trekking with my dogs, or mountain biking along ancient trails.

My dogs love to be chased at the lagoon.

With the only traffic problems being sheep on the road, but who cares as life is for living and doing what you enjoy. I love to take one or two of my dogs with me when trekking, especially along the lagoon with its shallow water its good fun and they love me to chase them. Then buy some fish from the fishermen and wine from the vineyard for a nice Mediterranean lunch.

Sometimes I buy fresh fish from the fishermen.

Living here can be expensive if you don’t eat seasonal food or pasta, fortunately I like both, plus I love to cook and grow my own vegetables so I live quite economically. But like everyone I need something else. That’s why I restored the Trekking cottage apartment  I love showing people around, taking them to places they may not have seen on there own, or at least pointing in the right direction, this I do as a free service. 

The only traffic you will meet will be sheep.

Best time for trekking, mountain biking is from October to June with nice temperatures and not many people around, in fact no one as its very quiet in that period. Then from June to October its more the beach thing or water sports. I normally go snorkeling or sailing, and more than happy to help or accompany my guests.

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