Wine away the day

Yesterday my french guests enjoyed a wine tasting morning at our local vineyard.

Aru winery, cantina Aru, Sardegna, wine tasting,cottage apartment, san benedetto

I didn’t know it was possible to sell wine to the French? …Its s bit like selling sand to an Arab. But I think they enjoyed it as the couple bought 18 bottles of wine.

They sampled most of the wines but seemed to prefer the reds, and didn’t even taste the Rossato, why I don’t know I quite like a nice Rossato now and again.

The museum of old artifacts was quite interesting.

The best part about Aru wines are that its all organic with no chemicals added. Even the grapes are left for nature to do what it knows best.

All this is possible and free when you stay at my Trekking cottage apartment in San Benedetto its something I offer to guests at no extra cost.

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