One thing I have noticed is that trekking is a bit like wine?…In some ways.

Ok you think I am crazy for making such a statement, well maybe I am, but its the way I look at things.

I go trekking most weekends with friends, and in the week I go alone at least 2 times a week as I like to explore the things that most people just pass by. Or a!omg paths that are not really paths anymore.

Going back to the title “Trekking is a bit like wine” The older the trail the better it gets. Ok I will explain!….

If you walk down a nice new road that has just been laid, even if its in a wonderful place its boring.. But why? Well maybe it has no body, no features, there is something missing, but what.

I know, its not matured into an overgrown narrow path with its own natural features that you get when something is left to mature.

When you open a mature bottle of wine you don’t know what to expect, but the reward is always fascinating, rewarding, and always something different. I can tell you discovering old trails are very much the same. For example I was invited last week to go trekking in an old disused mine along the coast in Sardinia at a place called buggerru. The rewards were exceptional as we slowly opened the trail.

On this occasion we did not cover many kilometres, but the going was tough as we slowly climbed from 180 mts ASL to 580 mts ASL So not for the faint hearted with shear drops of 500 mts into the canyon below.

These trails were used daily by the miners many years ago but now only goats climb these winding climbing paths, the experience is rewarding as you discover new views, old mining relics, and most of all!…..Abandoned mines. “FASCINATING”

Inside one of the mines we explored one kilometre into the dark mined tunnel, we took torches and head lamps. The mines were in exceptionally good condition and seemed as though they had been abandoned quite recently.

But look what we discovered?…….It seems as though someone left in a hurry as the work tools are still where they left them.

We left everything as it was and hope that others do the same.

This is why I think that trekking is like wine!…….

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