Spring is in every corner at this time of year.

Spring is the time of the year that we all like most and for me i feel re-born when I look around me at the wonderful nature when spring is in every corner at this time of year.

Why waste time sitting around, when the mountain bike is ready ?…..take a ride of into the mountains.

Ahh the fresh air I can feel it already cleaning my mind, and just look at all the beautiful spring flowers, and to think before I did not even “notice” What a fool where have I been, but no worries I have found you.

The ride back was even more special with fully a organised mind and all downhill to my little house on the prairie, to my dogs that will greet me like no human would. 

The wood burner in full flight when I entered, the lovely smell of lunch cooking, a nice local red wine uncorked and waiting to be sampled.

Who said stress was unhealthy?

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