Why can’t Brits do without there tea, but they expect others to change?

Yes its me again, the ex pat that lives in Sardinia. English bulldog style.

It is strange how ones life style can change and become normal in a very short time. For example when i moved here i was well and truely English and i would die for my cause, like tea for breakfast, fish only in batter, butter on bread, Marmite, gravy and so on.

Now i have been transformed into the med lifestyle. For example Coffee for breakfast, fresh fish (whole) freshly baked bread (no butter) Marmite what is Marmite, and pasta most days with wine of course. And do you know what it was easy to change, the problem is when i go back to the UK i dont eat. As its hard to find fresh food,  or freshly cooked?

When the tourist arrive here i find it funny that the first thing they check for is a kettle. What no Kettle? How can we make tea i have brought with me 500 tea bags. One even asked for his money back because the kitchen was not complete without a kettle, so i went and bought one. Now i tell all my hosts to put in a kettle for the English Bulldogs.

The other most asked question is where can we get a burger for the kids,  as my kids don’t like vegetables and won’t eat fish?…..Oh come on get a life this is Italy where food was invented.

spanish visitor complained as he could not find the cork screw for his wine, and called me in the middle of the night,but i stayed calm,got into my car and drove 25klms to give him what he wanted and when i got there he had calmed down as he managed to sgrounge one from another guest close by. But i remained calm even though he did not call me to let me know? Well i suppose its normal for the spanish just like the English with there tea.

All in all we are all the same, we find it hard to change our habits.

The moral of the story is when in Rome do as the Romans do.

Let me know your comments or similar stories of past guests.

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